Pattaya International Hospital –Attracting Outside Patients!


What type of services are offered during the medical tourism?


It is the Pattaya International Hospital where the patients are getting lots of enjoyment with some sophisticated information about the hospital. In this regard, the medical tourism is the best service among other service. Through this service a patient can get their actual facilities to maintain the recovery option as possible as. Through the medical tourism, the visitors can get some valuable services like:

  • Medical check up
  • Different types of tests like blood test
  • Offering valuable history about this hospital
  • High end service processing
  • Drawing the cultural section of this hospital
  • The staffs and surgeons can make a friendly environment to the patients or visitors
  • Medical attraction point

Joint Commission International is leading accrediting organisation for the health care institutes in United States. Each year, more of Thai hospitals now work to get the JCI accreditation. For information on the JCI accredited hospitals at Thailand you need to see the details. Procedures are arranged directly through facility that is offering treatment or else through the intermediary (medical operator) giving all inclusive deals. Contact medical facility and medical tour operator for arranging date, location as well as payment and for post treatment care & accommodation that are required. HIV positive persons must check with the medical services for the eligibility or else additional fees.

For information on how you can claim on the existing insurance plans for the procedures completed in Thailand, contact hospital and insurance company for the details. There are many insurance companies, which give insurance and AIA offers medical & life insurance to expatriates the living in Thailand and travel insurance.     BUPA gives you te worldwide travel insurance and 6 month accident or sickness cover for the short term visitors in Thailand. The coverage does’ot include any cosmetic surgery or else procedures for the pre-existing conditions. For the local English speaking Insurance agents you need to see Health and Medical Insurance.

Qualifications, languages of the communication as well as availability of doctor are as well provided. When prospective patient has been registered & signed in, then appointments are made through the website. With generally high standard of the service that is available in Thailand for the medical tourists, some problems are been encountered. Also, there are a lot of medical services catering to needs of the international patients.